Our mission is to provide  professional firearms training programs
to advance any shooters skill set.  Whether you are new to the
sport, or a experienced shooter, G2 is committed to providing you
the training needed to improve.

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses


G2 offers basic introductory, intermediate, and advanced training classes in pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The basic courses  are designed to introduce students to their firearms and teach the basic skills needed to safely operate the firearm.  Intermediate and advanced classes build on that foundation with skills focused around defensive and competition shooting. Classes are 3-6 hours and include both classroom and range time. Placement is determined based on phone/email consultation with instructor prior to registration.


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Pistol and Carbine Dynamics


Our Dynamics classes are designed as 6hr sessions focused on specific skill sets such as marksmenship, malfuctions, movement, etc.  During these classes students will be challenged in a live fire environment.  The elements of our Dynamics class provide a foundation for future participation in our adnaced training programs, as well as an opportunity for our more experienced students to further develop their specific skill sets.  Classes are held both outdoors depending on weather and lighting conditions and are available for pistol, rifle and shotgun.


Class Duration: 6hrs

Gear:              Holster, Mag Pouches, Rifle Sling

Ammo:           Approx 300 roundsa

Cost:              $125

Private Lessons


Contact us for information on private lessons. The G2 team will work with any student at any skill level to help advance your training with pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Private lessons can be scheduled in one hour sessions indoors or outdoors.


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Group Events


Private events are completely geared to meet the specific needs and expectations of your group. Whether you are experienced shooters looking for specific advanced training, new to the sport and interested in a chance to shoot a variety of our training firearms or looking for a fun way to celebrate a bachelor/bachelorette party, G2 has got you covered! Private events require a minimum of three participants and a maximum of fifteen.


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Illinois Concealed Carry



The G2 instructors are registered with the State of Illinois and our curriculum is approved.  All participants must take a full 16-hour class. Participants with 4 or 8 hours of credit must take a 16-hour class but, will receive a corresponding reduction in the price of the class to acknowledge their hours of creditG2 is committed to training and firearms safety, and our policy has been adjusted from the state minimum to reflect this committment.  We guarantee you will learn and continue to build your skills from the additional training. 




CCW w/no hour credits:      $175

CCW for veterans:              $150